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news 17.05.2012 - Salmonseason 2012 is getting closer and closer

    Season 2012 is getting closer and I have done as much wobblers as I have found time to do. I will try to get the latest orders     completed, but it is going to be a tough job. I hope that I am able to provide at least some wobblers to the people who have placed     an order early enough. Unfortunately at the moment I am not able to take in any new orders if the wobblers are needed in the     beginning of the season. If the wobblers are not in a hurry, I can put the orders on the queue.
    If you are fishing in Namsen, visit Grong G-Sport before your trip. They have some Murto wobblers on the shelf.
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news 31.12.2011 - Catchlist 2011 is closed

    Check the results from the Catches page.

news 31.08.2011 - Murto-vaaput is now on Facebook

    You can find Murto-vaaput facebook profile by clicking on the link on the front page.
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news 31.08.2011 - Season ended in many rivers

    The season has ended in many rivers. I spent the last 7 days in Namsen during weeks 34 and 35. The season still continues in some     rivers and I will spend some time in harling area of river Kymi this autumn.

news 01.06.2011 - First salmon of the season has been caught

    The first Murto-salmon of the season has been caught. A 3,9kg salmon from Namsen, fish took NRS in colour K001.

news 20.05.2011 - Small series of wobblers available soon in Grong G-Sport

    A small series of wobblers is delivered to Grong G-Sport.

news 19.05.2011 - Wobbler deliveries have started

    I have sent the first wobbler deliveries within the last couple of weeks. I will continue making wobblers and try to make them     according to the order queue.

news 20.04.2011 - I have started wobblermaking again

    After a long pause I have started again to make some wobblers. My workshop is not yet fully complete, but good enough to make     some wobblers there. I will try to finish the preorders placed in autumn 2010 before June.

news 25.02.2011 - Danish translation is now available

    I have now published the danish version of my pages by getting a great help from my friend Thomas Oudrup!

news 25.02.2011 - New workshop still under work

    There was another delay in the renovation because the floor coating peeled of completely. I hope that I get the workshop under     proper condition within the next month.

news 15.02.2011 - New workshop almost ready

   There was some unexpected delay in the renovation of my new workshop but now it is in a phase where I can go and paint the walls    and build myself a new painting cabinet. If everything goes well, I can start making wobblers again from next week on.

news 06.01.2011 - New workshop under arrangement

   I am trying to get myself a new workshop. The former workshop has been over 100km away so it has been very hard for me to get    there, especially when my wife has started working again after motherhood leave and I am spending time with our 1-year old              daughter during the evenings. The ordered wobblers will be delayed because of this but I will try to make them as soon as my              workshop is in such a condition that I can start making wobblers there.

new 06.01.2011 - New web pages opened

    I finally managed to get myself the webpages that so many people have been asking for. There is only limited amount of                     information on the pages (such as the limited colour chart) but I will try to update the pages during the spring.