The model numbers tell the length of the wobblers wooden body.
The actual length of the wobbler is always little bit more. If you have any questions about the different models, I will be more than happy to answer your questions.




    - Weighted balsa
    - Length approx 50mm
    - Hooks Kamasan NK-62 size 6

Murto48 can be adjusted from slight vibrating swimming action to a quite largely kicking, seeking swimming action.

Swimming video coming soon



    - Weighted balsa   
    - Length approx 50mm
    - Hooks VMC

Murto50 can be adjusted from slight vibrating swimming action to a quite largely kicking, slightly seeking swimming action. This wobbler was originally designed for rainbow trout and trout but it has proven it's skills in salmonfishing also.

Swimming video coming soon.



    - Weighted balsa   
    - Length approx 60mm
    - Hooks VMC

Murto58 can be adjusted to really unbalanced swimming action.  It requires a talented tuner to achieve good swimming to this one but if you know what to  do, you are able to make this model seek up and down, right and left. 

This model is not in production during season 2011.

See Murto58 swimming video



    - Weighted balsa or abache   
    - Length approx 65mm
    - Hooks Kamasan NK-62 size 6

Murto60 can be adjusted from slight vibrating swimming action to a quite largely kicking, seeking swimming action. If you need a wobbler that works well  in quite  slow flow, this is your choice. Despite the ability to swim in slow current, this one can be adjusted to stand heavy flow.

This model is similar to M48 but longer.

 See Murto60 Swimming video


Murto 65 slim version   

    - Weighted Fuma  
    - Length approx 70mm
    - Hooks Kamasan NK-62 size 6

Murto65 slim version is quite narrowly kicking wobbler that can be tuned to flank twisting ironnail swimming but at the same time wobbler makes soft seeking slides to the sides. The wobbler can be also tuned to a more relaxed swimming but then the seeking action is a sharp short swing to the side (see video). It is at it's best when you need slightly smaller action to the wobbler.

See Murto65 slim version swimming video


Murto NRS   

    - Weighted fuma   
    - Length approx 70mm
    - Hooks Kamasan NK-62 size 6

                                                                        A wobbler looking a little bit like a shrimp. It can be adjusted to swim from slow  to fast flow. This model has worked well especially for the rising salmon in the beginning of the season.

See Murto NRS Swimming video


Murto 75   

    - Balsawood
    - Length approx 80mm
    - Hooks VMC

                                                                        A wobbler with a saddle lip developed mainly for trout harling. Swimming action is small kick with a hint of flank twisting. This seeks moderately doing soft slides to the sides.

Swimming video coming soon



    - Weighted abache  
    - Length approx 100mm
    - Hooks Kamasan NK-62 size 4

                                                                                The biggest salmonwobbler that I make. It has proven it's skills in salmonfishing for both the rising and the settled fish as well. Can be adjusted from small  swimming action to large kick. Requires some current but when adjusted right, can make even 1m seeking slides from side to side in a current. 

See Murto90 Swimming video